Operation Emotion

Operation Emotion

Operation Emotion is a Plymouth based charity that provides services for adult male survivors of sexual abuse, linking with specialist organisations where appropriate.      We do not work with perpetrators of sexual abuse.

We never ask what is wrong with someone but instead what happened to them. We help men to come to terms with their own experiences and play an active role in helping other men who have been similarly affected by sexual abuse. We also work with other agencies to promote best practice leading to an improvement in services.


As a trauma led service we specialise in group work offering a range of clinically safe peer led initiatives and educational programmes.  Operation Emotion operates three weekly support groups for men, who have been sexually abused.  We focus on the four traumagenic consequences of sexual abuse which are: isolation, identity, powerlessness and issues around trust and betrayal.

We offer support to men from across Devon and Cornwall.  We tackle trauma through these weekly peer support groups by enabling men to engage in a process of recovery.  We also provide a rolling educational programme called Education Recovery. This provides a greater understanding of trauma by tackling the four traumagenic consequences of sexual abuse that are Isolation, Powerlessness, problems with Identity and issues around Trust and Betrayal.

We use film as a creative arm of our work and produce educational films, myth busting shorts and feature length dramas. We use these films to tell important stories about trauma and to inform and educate society by challenging often damaging misinformation.


Our trustees are drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds and are skilled individuals, with a wide range of experiences, who are keen to promote an open healthy debate in society about the consequences of sexual abuse.  The board’s objectives are to promote three areas of project development through Education, Prevention and Campaigning.  They also manage all the organisation’s services for men who have been sexually abused.

Service User Panel

In line with the Male Service Standards we have now established a Service User Panel.   Please contact Peter Fry or Mark Warner [see above] who are the facilitators for the Service User Panel. The purpose of the Service User Panel is for members to be directly involved in a regular review of the services offered by Operation Emotion to improve service delivery.

A Service feedback form and checklist linked to the Male Quality Standards are available for download here They are attached for you to measure the service that Operation Emotion offers against these standards.  They can then be returned in fully encrypted confidence to Peter Fry or Mark  Warner at: OEfeedback@protonmail.ch

A description of how to do this and what to do next is also included with the Service Feedback form. We are keen to hear your views.

Information for men seeking help and referral guidance

Below is downloadable information for men seeking help and a referral guidance for organisations:

We have recently commissioned an independently produced Impact Report  that details Operation Emotion’s work with men who have been sexually abused over the last ten years.

It also describes the future work of the organisation as it expands to meet the ever increasing need to provide support to men suffering from the trauma of sexual abuse. We also have recently published a strategic plan.

Survivors Stories

Operation Emotion is keen to challenge attitudes about sexual abuse and we produce various educational films that challenge mythology, stereotypes and misinformation about sexual abuse.


Operation Emotion, in association with Blunt Edge Films, have recently produced fifteen films entitled ‘Survivors Stories.’

These compelling short films demonstrate the enormous consequences of sexual abuse whilst sharing individual stories about hope and recovery. The aim is to educate and inform society about sexual abuse and dispel myths, stereotyping and misinformation. 

Get the all new, free Operation Emotion apps

Our interactive mobile phone apps contains links to media and useful information about sexual abuse.  They are both free and can be downloaded from Google Play. and the App Store.

The Operation Emotion apps also detail where help can be found in other areas of the UK from our partner organisations in the Male Survivors Partnership