Making contact

The benefits of contacting Operation Emotion

Wherever you are please don’t suffer alone.  Seek the help that you can get by contacting Operation Emotion or a specialist organisation closer to home. The main thing, wherever you happen to live, is to ask for help, which is definitely  a strength and not a weakness. This is because we all need help from one another at some point in our lives, especially with the trauma of sexual abuse.

Watch the following short films beginning with The Benefits of Contacting Operation Emotion.   If you don’t have services available to you locally, then contact us to find out more about our weekly online support group, which can help you wherever you are in the world.

What to do next

We know that living with the effects of sexual abuse is not easy.  It can also be just as difficult to take that first step to find the service that may be right for you. However it doesn’t have to be this way, as you don’t have to live a life dominated by your past experiences of sexual abuse.
In the following short film David explains what you can expect when you make that first telephone call to the Operation Emotion helpline. It simply describes what will happen and how easy it all is.

Speak to us confidentially.

You can do this by telephone, text or email. We will then explain a bit more about what we offer as an organisation and you can ask any questions you may have. Then you can have time to think about what has been said and decide what you would like to do next. You will also have plenty of time to  look through the rest of the website and its media and resources. We have workers in Plymouth and in Torbay.

The next step

Then if you are keen to take the next step, simply call us back and we will arrange to meet up – and don’t worry you will never be asked to tell your story.

We can meet you in a public place like a coffee bar, to talk about a way forward.  We can meet you in a location that feels safe for you. We can also arrange for you to speak to a female if you are more comfortable with this.

If you would like a friend or partner to accompany you then this is no problem.

Contact Steve Canning for further information at:

Helpline  Tel: 07539 810096   All other enquiries: T:  07837 321514

Torbay Contact Kev Taylor Tel: 07721 069496


We are not trained counsellors nor do we offer counselling  but we do have a lot of experience in both delivering and using services.  We can also make suggestions about a way forward that may involve other types of services based in Plymouth and elsewhere.

07837 321514 | 07539 810096 | 07721 069496