For many of us trauma can take many forms and has lots of unknown consequences. 

Women and men who suffer from past trauma, will often hide the cause of their concerns due to shame and misplaced guilt. The trauma of sexual abuse is one of the most damaging to individuals and it affects many people, who are often too afraid or ashamed to come forward and seek help.

‘Podcasts that nobody wants to hear’ will focus on what are often considered to be difficult discussions about trauma and how this impacts on us all in society.  The podcasts will include guests from a variety of statutory and voluntary organisations and different walks of life.

The aim is to shine a light into the penumbra world of sexual abuse through these open, healthy discussions and help more people to come forward and seek help.

This page will host a growing series of conversations about trauma featuring different guests.

Jon Tilbury

The first podcast features Dr Jon Tilbury, who dicusses the impact of trauma within medicine and his career as a general practitioner and Medical Director for the NHS.

This episode features David Ball, who was one of the founding members of Operation Emotion. David shares his views on the trauma of sexual abuse and how society deals with this, often difficult to discuss subject, that affects so many people.

Peter Fry sailed the world as a Marine Engineer in the Merchant Navy. In this episode he shares his view about how society deals with the trauma of sexual abuse and the difficulties that men face in coming forward to seek help.

Peter is inspirational in thought and deed for so many people. He is also a highly valued member of the board of trustees at Operation Emotion.